“I really enjoyed Maryhope. She respected me as a student and was very easy to talk to and ask for help. honestly, one of the best teachers I have had at the university.”

Trinity College Hartford, CT
• Introduction to Social Psychology (Undergraduate)
• The Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships (Undergraduate)
Smith College Northampton, MA
• Guest lecture, Close Relationships & Health (Undergraduate)
Kent State University Kent, OH
• Principals of Social Psychology (Graduate)
• Close Relationships & Health (Undergraduate)
University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
• Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships (Advanced Undergraduate/Graduate Seminar)
• Close Relationships & Health (Freshman Seminar, Advanced Undergraduate Seminar)
• Introduction to Personality (Undergraduate)
• Major Project Capstone Course, (Undergraduate)
• Introduction to Health Psychology (Undergraduate)

Teaching Portfolio